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Gaslight & Velvet

Buttons & Bows Revue

Just sit back, relax; blend in with and become part of the Old Wild West.  Journey with us back into an 1800's saloon, featuring a colorful musical romp with cowboys, cowgirls, and a spectacular stylized Indian dance number.  See a line of pretty, high-steppin' Can-Can dancers and experience lots of singing, dancing and a rip-roaring good time for all age groups.  Don't be surprised to be intruded upon by a band of gun-totin' outlaws.


Speakeasy Scandals

Prohibition, bathtub gin, speakeasys, flappers, hand-clappers and toe-tappers.  Enter our sensational speakeasy to the rousing sounds of "The Charleston", "Black Bottom", "Five Foot Two" and the rousing rhythms of a Roaring Twenties Jazz Band.  So have you best gal bob her hair, don her turned-down hose - grab your ukulele and raccoon coat - and "twenty-two skidoo" back to another more carefree time 'cause them were the good ole days!

The Drunkard

Cheer our hero, boo the villain and suffer along with our beautiful heroine, as she struggles to help her beloved husband overcome the evils of spirit alcohol and the humiliation of being branded, The Drunkard!  This fast-moving and hilarious musical delight is woven neatly into the fabric of the old classic turn-of-the-century melodrama.  The show features a pre-show slide show and  sing-a-long, nostalgic music and a rousing patriotic "Oleo Spot" (variety show) between acts I and II.

American Showboat Revue

Hurry - hurry along!  The showboat's comin'!  Set against images of cotton fields, magnolia trees and a leisurely, gracious lifestyle, the likes of which we will never see again, the beautiful music of America comes alive.  Featuring an energetic ensemble troupe of very talented performers, this show explores our past among strumming banjos and finger-snappin' sounds of Dixieland, leading to an All American finale that will leave you with a tear in your eye and a warm glow in your heart.

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